Advice Cybex Arc Trainer Precor Elliptical Or Any Other Crosstrainer With Incline Not Working

Jul 31, 2021

We get alot of phone calls about Cybex Arc Trainers and other Elliptical Crosstrainers with "broken or dysfunctional Incline Motors".   Common comments are, "My machine works, I have resistance but when I hit incline, nothing happens.  GOOD NEWS, it is probably not the incline motor or controller board at all! IT'S PROBABLY YOUR BATTERY, READ THIS SERVICE BULLETIN FOR ...

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Treadmill Maintenance and Care Easily

Jul 08, 2021

Maintaining the treadmill is the most important job to do after taking maximum benefits from it. The machine can be more productive to you if it is maintained properly without any trouble and fault. The most effective and easy way to maintain your machine is to check it at every use. By regularly checking the outward condition as well some basic inners can sure the aptness and performance of the ...

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Treadmill Safety Keys

Jun 18, 2021

Staying fit is one of the most common goals among people. The ideal way to shed extra pounds is to use the treadmill but exercising on a treadmill can be precarious because of its capability of high speed therefore the explanation of treadmill safety key and it’s uses is eminent. Material Treadmills are intended to operate with a safety key. When the key is inserted into ...

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Harvard's Take on Selecting Fitness Equipment

Jun 04, 2021

Check out Harvard's article here. We wrote on the subject based on experience here Some Parallels...

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Payout Options for Fitness Equipment and Repair Parts

May 05, 2021

OUR PAYOUT OPTIONS After our bonded and insured third party picks up the equipment, here are our payout options and the logistics of each option. Note: If you've reached the payout point, that means we a) agreed on the price b) It's picked up by our third party. The payout options are ordered vertically according to speed and ease, starting at the top. New! We do offer Cryptocurrency ...

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Treadmill Keeps Tripping Breaker? Isolating A Dead Short

Apr 19, 2021

How to Isolate a Dead Short In Your Treadmill. Translation, you hit the power switch and the treadmill trips the Breaker Instantly Mindset: Split the Power and Drive system into 4 systems. Below Power Entry Incline System Drive Motor Controller. Let's start with 1.  First make sure it's grounded on both ends. More than likely the breaker wouldn't trip if missing, but...

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Student Consulting Group Assesses Gyms and COVID-19

Apr 04, 2021

The Oregon Consulting Group (OCG), a University of Oregon student-run consulting group with faculty oversight in the Lundquist College of Business, took a closer look at the available data to preliminarily assess whether gyms are high-risk environments for COVID-19 transmission. Like most activities, working out in a gym has been the subject of safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic...

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How to Select Bolt and Screw Sizes

Jan 30, 2021

"Head" Start with the Head. There are four major Types used in Fitness of Hex, Cap, Button, Flat (Counter Sunk) Size Then Size, Here's a table to help guide you with length, thread pitch, and diameter...

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True Fitness Service Manual - Treadmills Models 350-750

Jan 02, 2021

To download the attached PDF file in the blog - Right click to the attached PDF and select "save as" or "Print...

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PFTL7257 Proform 725 Tech Sheet Part #: Calibration Mode

Dec 27, 2020

Calibration Mode is entered by holding down the Speed and Stop buttons while inserting the safety key. There are five levels to this mode. Move from one to the next by pressing the Stop button. To exit this mode, remove the safety key at any time. Level 1 - Console Configuration. This level displays how the console has been configured to operate. In addition, each button on the console can be ...

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