Why The Combination of Model Name AND Serial Numer (For Icon - Model Number) is Paramount, When Locating Parts
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Why The Combination of Model Name AND Serial Numer (For Icon - Model Number) is Paramount, When Locating Fitness Repair Parts

May 24, 2020

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Model Name and Model Number Example
Model Name and Serial Number Example 

Imagine, in the car world, you own a Toyota Corolla.  You need an air filter, and you go onto your favorite sales channel, whether it be ebay, amazon, or an auto part store, and you just buy the first listing your that matches two simple terms "toyota" and "corolla".  Worse, ordered because the picture "looked like" the right one... Suffice it to say, you probably ordered the wrong part because, god only knows, how many versions of corolla exist over the past 30 years, and with each version change yield different part sets. 

Well, that's what you're doing when you don't locate a serial or model number (Icon and some other Mfr), and just order the first Model name (only) match.  We provide a handy guide here on where/ how to find, then serach.

Search by Model Name and Model Number
Lets Dive Into An Icon example (Includes, but not limited to, Nordictrack, Proform, Healthrider, etc).
Below is the Frame Badge Label Below

We Have, from Icon Health & Fitness (Manufacturer)
A) Norcictrack (Brand) / B) Commercial 1750 (Model Name) /
C)NTL14011.0 (Model Number) / D) CC250120168 (Serial Number)

Look at the search result when we put in EXACT Model number. One result! Now we can click on result and get right into the part list and diagram. Yaaa!

Contrast this with Using Model Name Commerial 1750, see below

There are many Commercial 1750, even more than the query result above, we cap it at 10.  Wahwah, get to the frame and get the model number.

By Serial Number Code (Mostly Non Icon Products)

Lets use a Sole F63 for Example.  With Serial number as pictured below.

So, we start typing 563810, and the query narrows it to one set.  See below

Agan, and vs. searching model name Sole F63, showing many results, and different part sets.

Sidenote. Another Function of Serial numbers is to realize warranty span, and manufacturing dates, but that is not the point to this article.

How to find Serial, then search.