Precor Replacement SCREW,HEX,GR 5,1/2-13X2-1/2,BLK SHA HCTN050-250 works with Precor brand(s)
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SCREW,HEX,GR 5,1/2-13X2-1/2,BLK SHA

*Image for reference use only (Readme)

Online Price: $5.59 / each


Catalog Number: 405643

Used on the following models:


C956i - AJMB
C934 - QD
C954i - 00Z4
C956-ND - KE - Ver. 3
C932 - 00NE
C956i - AJPB
C934 - SE
C954i - 00ZM
C956-ND - MB - Ver. 3
C932 - 00WW
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